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BTU Meters - BTU 250

Introduction :

CBRO make Electromagnetic BTC meter [BTU-250] is designed to accurately measure the heat or cold energy of a water heating/cooling circuit. It is consisted of three parts, an electromagnetic flow sensor, a pair of temperature sensors and a main unit. The main unit is a powerful console which combines high accurancy flow measurement, temperature measurement and BTU Calculation. From this it calculates the thermal power and energy consumed in maintaning the temperature at given level. 9 digits are available for total energy and 4 digits are available for instantaneous power reading. The engg. unit can be easily selectable by user, either as KW & KWH or BTU / HR & BTU

Applications :

  • Chilled Water HVAC
  • Hot Water HVAC
  • Condensate And Heating Water Circuits
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Thermal Storage, Geothermal System, Solar Hot-water System
  • District Energy Management And Billing
  • Commercial Building Tenant Billing
  • Leed / Green Building Verification,Green Credit Application
  • Energy Consulting
  • Power Plant Efficiency Monitoring
  • Facility Management In Shopping Malls, Campus, Industial Parks, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings,
  • Government Buildings, Airports And More
    BTU METER - BTU 250





Product Introduction :

This CBRO UMB2501 type ultrasonic wave heat meter is an instrument measuring and displaying heatreleased /absorbed by the heat carrying liquid in heat exchanging circuit.The unit of heat measurement is KW·h. It consists in three parts , namely flow sensor, temperature sensor and calculator.

Application and Warnings :

The installation requirements of the heat meter
Before installation, check the pipelines in the cleansing system thoroughly and remove silk, hemp ,sand ,gravel and any other masses to avoid any flow hindrance.

  • The flow meter should be installed in horizontal level, with the display window facing upward.
  • The water flows in the direction accordance with the arrow mark
  • The diameter of the front and the back pipes should fit the flow meter
  • 10DN straight pipeline and 5DN straight line should be saved (DN is what we call the diameter of the heat meter)
  • Must use the gasket and connecting pipeline specially designed and manufactured by our company.
  • The sewage filter and the valve should be fixed at both ends of the flow meter for the convenience of filth removing, maintaining and replacing.
  • After the installation ,seal between the connecting bolt of the capsule and the heat meter, between the temperature measuring ball valve and the platinum resistor.
  • Best water inflow and outflow pipeline options for easy fixing.



  • Energy rate and total consumption measurement
  • Non-intrusive clamp-on technology. Easy and economical installation
  • No moving parts to worn out. Long-life span. Maintenace-free
  • High accuracy. Custody-transfer performance
  • Wide flow measurement range, bi-directional
  • Built-in totalizers, batch controllers and task scheduler
  • Isolated RS-485 interface. Supports the MODBUS protocol
  • Abundant input/output, suce as 4-20mA output, relay output, pulse output, alarm output, etc.
  • Suitable for pipes from 0.5" to 240"
  • Optional wireless capability
  • Optional remote data collection/billing software
  • Easy to use and set up. Self-explanatory menu-driven programming
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) weather-resistant enclosure
  • Suitable for virtually any liquid heating/cooling systems such as HVAC, office building, apartment complexes, condominiums, solar heating systems and geothermal systems
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